Collaborating with VAWZ on a Rural Animal Clinic

VAWZ have been bringing their mobile clinic to our Caledonia dip days, on a regular basis, over the past few years, where we have been working with them on a fortnightly animal clinic. This programme enabled us to sterilize up to 40 dogs a month, making veterinary care and rabies vaccinations accessible to hundreds of needy local animals at the same time. Sadly, due to financial restraints, the clinic is no longer being held as regularly as it was, but finances permitting, VAWZ are hoping to resume a monthly clinic there for us.

Operating from a thatched gazebo at Caledonia Butchery - outfitted by my husband who custom made 3 operating tables for it, each with an overhead light and instrument table - the VAWZ vets do a great job, ably assisted by our team and several regular volunteers who help is always invaluable. Needless to say this generous help is very much appreciated - not only by us, but by the entire community.

The gazebo at Caledonia Butchery

The operating theatre in action

Caro & Eugene (VAWZ) operating

We take a batch of patients home