Educating People about Basic Animal Care

Providing information on Basic Animal Care, Rabies and Distemper in clear and simple language (in English or Shona), we have written our own leaflets specifically aimed at people from a rural background.

We regularly distribute these, but also deliver them personally to owners when we return their dogs from the vet so that we can explain things that need clarification and, once again, physically demonstrate the magical effect of affection on their animals. This is much more important than one might think and can be very rewarding - especially when one realises that the suffering endured by many rural animals is the result of ignorance and poverty, rather than deliberate cruelty. What is more, every person who learns to care for his or her animal becomes a teacher in return - generating ripples that spread through the community like rings from a stone thrown into a pool...

April shows 'before & after' photos

Fluffy, home with a friend

The magic of affection...

Education & kindness go a long way