Facilitating / Funding Rabies Vaccinations

We act as intermediaries between VAWZ and the locals, organising vaccination campaigns for dogs at various venues in the district and, notifying the local government veterinary officers, we collect them to help if they are available, as they are unable to provide an adequate service to the community at present. We also have all the animals we take into the vet vaccinated and, when we can, fund rabies vaccination days.

Rabies is a very real threat in Zimbabwe and we see positive cases from time to time. In fact, one of our rehab dogs was found to have rabies and it is fortunate that there are a few private organisations like VAWZ,SPCA, Tikki Hywood,  AWARE and Twala Trust stepping into the breach. VAWZ has vaccinated thousands of dogs for us since 2014 and, with our local people desperate for help, we recently funded an extra 200 vaccines for Caledonia.

Bulawayo has had a 'shoot to kill' campaign for strays and, in June 2016, the Harare City Council threatened to do the same. This would mean any dog running free in the town or low and high density suburbs could be killed - a horrific thought, especially when one realises that this is the norm in many areas where people can't afford to fence their properties.

Marny fills a syringe with rabies vaccine

A pack of hunting dogs waits it's turn

While Adrianne writes certificates

The queues start to grow...