Making and Supplying Kennels

We make and supply kennels from wooden pallets, kindly donated by a friend. Approximately 1m square, they are affordable because we only ask the owners to pay $5 towards them (if they can) in an attempt to encourage responsible ownership and also to make the project sustainable. We want to make as many as we can before the rains start, as the roof is lined with a double layer of plastic which will keep the occupants dry. Of course the kennels will also keep the dogs warm in winter too, as they are filled with straw and a little blanket.

In the rural areas, most local people live in thatched huts with large, sheltering eaves, but the dogs in the peri-urban sprawl nearby, are usually not nearly as fortunate. Many of the small houses and cabins in Caledonia do not have the luxury of an overhanging roof to offer any shelter and there are very few shady trees left to protect them from the elements. Needless to say, the dogs absolutely love their kennels – which give them a safe and comfy retreat – and this is a project we would like to expand because it makes such a huge difference to their quality of life! (Donate Opportunity)