Providing Free Parvo and Canine Distemper Vaccinations

Trying to vaccinate as many dogs as we can against the highly contagious and deadly Parvo and Canine Distemper Virus, we've held several fundraising projects in the past, including an Orchid Show, Art Exhibition, Devonshire Teas, Raffles and Quiz evenings.  Unfortunately we encounter them all too frequently and although we'd love to vaccinate all the dogs we deal with, the 5in1 vaccines we use are expensive and we can only do dogs that have been directly exposed to sick animals, pups we've fostered and those that have to come back to our kennels for rehab.

As the only cure for viruses is prevention they are devastating in a community like ours where most dogs are unconfined and unvaccinated.  Despite veterinary support, Parvo is often fatal and, as most mal nourished and immune-compromised dogs die from distemper, those that do get it are invariably put to sleep.  It's soul destroying - we lose dozens of dogs to it annually, but as it doesn't affect people, vaccinations aren't prioritized and I don't know of any organizations that routinely offer them free of charge.


Distemper vaccinations at Nexus store

All these healthy dogs are at risk

Another unfortunate distemper victim

A woman brings her dog for euthanasia