Free Spaying & Neutering

Regularly taking dogs and cats into Kamfinsa Vet for sterilization, we've been able to physically demonstrate the benefit of 'Animal Family Planning', a concept that hasn't traditionally been a part of African culture.  However, despite the fact that puppies are often sold for as little as $5 or swapped for chickens, to people with very little, dogs are often regarded as a source of income and there is still quite a bit of resistance to the idea.

Having said that, the improvement in the health of the sterilized animals has had a huge impact on the community and there is now a steadily increasing number of people asking for help, which is just as well because, in the long term sterilization is really the only solution to the huge problem we're all facing. Unfortunately, the number of operations we can afford is limited, but we do what we can and always try to persuade our patient's owners to let us have them spayed or neutered while they're in at the vet for treatment.

Tawanda collects pups & a spay

Dipped & ready for admission

Returning Bolt & Shine after neutering

Dropping Bingo home after his operation