Supplying Basic Beds, Collars & Leads

We cut old 4X4 and SUV tyres and, turning them inside out, fill them with soft straw and blankets to make very basic beds for the dogs.  Collars and leads are also much in demand and although we've always given them to the dogs we treat, we've been able to do the same for countless others until recently, providing them with brightly coloured bands made by a friend who has since left the country.  However, undaunted, we're still distributing what we can, along with any used ones we've been able to collect, in an attempt to replace the heavy chains, wire, electrical cable, bits of cloth, thatching twine and freshly stripped bark that are usually used.

In rural Africa, dogs are traditionally seen as working animals rather than pets and all the dogs we deal with are outdoor dogs. Used for hunting or security, they are a far cry from the typically 'pampered pooch' of the western world and very often this is the first time most of them have had a bed of their own, let alone a collar and lead. Having said that, we also make kennels for them when we can.

New beds for Spice & Snoopy

Snoopy snuggles into her blankets

Tondi & Tari make kennels in our shed

Several frames ready for cladding