Supplying Subsidized Dog Meal through Local Tuckshops

Becoming aware of the plight of rural animal owners, we now supply a nutritious and affordable (locally manufactured) dog meal through the two local tuckshops that allow our mobile dip to operate on their premises.

An instant meal that only requires the addition of water - an added bonus for people who daily have to source their wood to cook over open fires - we buy it at cost (55c/kg) and then subsidize it slightly, (selling at 50c/kg) to bring it's price in line with the maize (mealie) meal  that is the staple diet of most local people and their animals.  It's higher in protein than maize meal - 20%, as opposed to 8 1/2% - which makes a huge difference.  However, we have discovered that it needs the addition of a soup to make it appetizing, so we're now trying to find something that is still affordable, but slightly more palatable to the dogs.

We don't sell a lot of it - approximately 550kg/month - but it's a start, and indicates the beginning of a change in mind set, because rural people do not usually buy specialized dog food.

Speedy's stomach distended from lack of protein

Speedy comes to our rehab after treatment

Bianca has a calcium deficiency

Dog meal for sale at the mill