About us

April & Angus Thompson

April - "I can no longer close my eyes and ignore the desperate plight of the owners and their animals I see daily in our rural area."

Tawanda Zvirahwa - Dog Whisperer Extraordinaire!

Adrianne & Marny Cartwright

Jenni Cooper

A Note from April...

Rural Animal Care came about by chance.  I helped the occasional little dog on the road, the word spread and more and more people began waiting for my car, with their sick and injured animals. We had to do something, and the rest is history. Having said that, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into nor how much pain we would encounter - but now that we're out there and the trickle's become a steady stream, the work we're doing - good, necessary work - is increasing daily along with our financial outlay.

We're absolutely dedicated to our cause but there aren't many of us and the need is now so great that it's become too much for us to sustain alone and we're battling to keep going. Tawanda (our dog handler, driver and right hand man) and I are on the ground with the animals, Angus (my long-suffering husband) provides our financial and logistical support, and our amazing family and friends help wherever they can. My cousin Adrianne does our website and facebook page and while her sister, Jenni helps with our accounts, and their husbands Marny and Ollie also work tirelessly with us at every Spay and vaccination day.