Collaborating with VAWZ on Campaigns in our Area

Collaborating with VAWZ on Campaigns in our Area

Over and above those we sterilize with TVT or take in to the vet for various other treatments, we always have a long waiting list of dogs to be done and VAWZ occasionally comes out to Caledonia to do free Rabies and Sterilization Campaigns.  Sterilizing anything up to 60 dogs in a day, this is a huge help and we're always very grateful to them because we simply cannot afford to sterilize the huge number of dogs that need to be done in this heavily populated area.

Operating from a thatched gazebo at Caledonia Butchery (outfitted by my husband who custom made 3 operating tables for it, each with an overhead light and instrument table) the VAWZ vets do a fantastic job, ably assisted by our wonderful group of volunteers (largely family and friends) whose help is invaluable. Needless to say this is much appreciated by everyone - not least the dogs who happily hoover up the 50kg of dog food we always scatter to sweeten their experience.

The gazebo at Caledonia Butchery

The operating theatre in action

Caro & Eugene (VAWZ) operating

We take a batch of patients home