Providing Free Rabies Vaccs & Facilitating Vaccination Campaigns

Apart from ensuring all the animals we take to the vet are vaccinated, we also work with VAWZ and the government veterinary department to organize rabies vaccination campaigns for dogs at various venues in the district.  In 2019, we vaccinated nearly 2400 dogs (and the odd brave kitty in a basket) but since Covid this has dropped and in 20212 we vaccinated 880 dogs in one day.

Rabies is a very real threat in Zimbabwe and we encounter positive cases quite often, so its fortunate that the private animal welfare organisations  and GARC (Global Alliance for Rabies Control) stepped in to help with what used to be the sole preserve of the vet practices and government. Only vets and registered veterinary officers can administer them, hence our inability to do them without assistance.

Bulawayo has held at least one 'shoot to kill' campaign for strays and, given that the Harare City Council has threatened to do the same before now, theoretically, any dog running free in the town or suburbs could well end up in danger of being shot - a horrific thought, given that it's the norm in many high density areas where people can't afford to fence their properties.

Marny fills a syringe with rabies vaccine

A pack of hunting dogs waits it's turn

While Adrianne writes certificates

The queues start to grow...