Making House Calls and Monitoring Progress

We transport all our furry patients home after their veterinary treatment and operations, monitoring their progress and aftercare. This is demanding but crucial, because checking on their health and living conditions is probably the single most important thing we can do to bring about a lasting change in their wellbeing - and, frequently, that of many rural animals around them.

Many homesteads are only accessible in a 4 wheel drive vehicle and we are fortunate to have the use of a friend's sturdy (but thirsty!!) old Toyota pick-up - affectionately know as the 'Red Racing Snail' - ideal for some of the 'roads' and goat tracks we have to use. Home visits can involve cleaning wounds and changing bandages but, more importantly, they give us the opportunity to suggest how the animal's conditions might be improved upon without owners feeling judged or threatened. This positive support also gives owners reassurance that they aren't alone, but for the first time, have someone they can turn to if they have an emergency with their animals.

Duty eyes us with suspicion

Tawanda dusts Tiger and Leys for fleas

Taking Ringo home in the 'ambulance'

Spike ran home after his op - drama!