Making and Supplying Kennels

Making kennels from wooden pallets that have been donated to us, we give these to owners free of charge because much as we would have liked to encourage responsible ownership and make the project more sustainable, there is just no money out there.  Like the tyres, when filled with straw and blankets, they make a huge difference to the dogs, especially as their roofs are lined with a double layer of plastic to keep them dry in the rainy season.

In the traditional rural areas, most thatched huts have deep sheltering eaves, but dogs in the peri-urban areas aren’t always as fortunate.  Many small houses and cabins in Caledonia don’t have overhanging eaves and, in some places, there are hardly any shady trees left to protect them from the elements.  Needless to say, the dogs love the safe comfy retreat their kennels give them but we’re finding it hard to source these much-prized pallets and recently we’ve even had to resort to buying in kennels for particularly vulnerable dogs.