Making Veterinary Care Available to Rural Animals

Providing a link between our Zimbabwean animal welfare organisations (such as VAWZ, Friend Animal Foundation and the SPCA) and the impoverished rural people of our area - Caledonia, Chishawasha, Gardener, Proton and Arcturus - we are making veterinary care accessible to their desperately needy animals.

The area we operate in is fairly extensive and most of the people we work with are subsistence farmers who have been allocated small plots through the government land resettlement programme. We don't live far from Harare (approx. 25 kms) and, as Caledonia is fast becoming a peri-urban sprawl, so the number of animals we're dealing with is increasing rapidly.  None of the people we help have the money to take their animals into town to see a vet, let alone pay consultation fees and veterinary charges and without assistance, virtually all these animals would be left to fend for themselves, living hard, short lives that all too often end in painful accidents or long drawn-out deaths.

Cheetah is brought in for attention

White comes in a wheelbarrow

Some arrive on the back of bicycles

A packet of pups...