Making Free Veterinary Care Available to Rural Animals in our Area.

There are a lot of desperately poor people in our area and we're making veterinary care available to as many of their desperate domestic animals as we can. Living approx 25 kms out of Harare on the Arcturus Road, we operate in an area that stretches from the outskirts of Harare to Arcturus, through Silviera, Chishawasha, Caledonia, Gardiner and Proton.

Most people we work with are subsistence farmers but being so close to town, the property on our boundary (Caledonia) has now developed into a densely populated peri-urban sprawl and the number of animals we are dealing with is increasing daily.  None of the people we help can afford to take their animals into town - let alone pay for the most basic veterinary care - and without our assistance, the dogs and cats we treat would be left to endure their fate, with many a painfully protected end to what are invariably hard, short lives.


Cheetah is brought in for attention

White comes in a wheelbarrow

Some arrive on the back of bicycles

A packet of pups...