Providing a Basic Rehabilitation Facility

After treatment, we collect 'our' animals from Kamfinsa Vet and, if possible, return them to their owners. However, we are now bringing the most vulnerable cases (those in need of observation and a little extra nursing) home with us for a period of rehabilitation before returning them to their owners. Surgical cases in need of confinement and weak, traumatised or malnourished dogs can benefit hugely from the extra food, love and attention this gives them, while it also helps us keep our veterinary costs down to a minimum by reducing the time they have to spend at the vet.

We do not have purpose- built kennels, at this stage, but accommodate our convalescents in the two stables that we have converted into 'wards'.  Furnished with wooden kennels, straw and bedding, these are adequate.  The requisite confinement runs are made out of moveable fencing sections that can be altered to suit the individual need of our patients.