Providing Distemper Vaccinations

Trying to vaccinate as many dogs as we can against Canine Distemper Virus, we have held several fundraising projects in an attempt to inoculate the dogs we've already sterilized with the help of VAWZ. Initially, we'd hoped to be able to do all the dogs on our books but our numbers have increased so dramatically that, with the cost of 5in1 vaccine currently at $5 per dog, this is an impossible dream. (Donate opportunity)

A highly contagious airborne disease, distemper can be devastating in a community like ours where most dogs are unconfined and unvaccinated. There's no cure for it - only prevention - and as almost all malnourished and immune compromised animals die from it, the policy for it is, euthanasia. We lose dozens of dogs to this horrendous disease every time there is an outbreak, (many of them, already sterilized) and it is soul destroying having to euthanize animals that have already been 'brought back from the brink'. Not posing a direct threat to people, distemper vaccinations have never been prioritized by government and not many welfare organizations can afford to do them either.

Distemper vaccinations at Nexus store

All these healthy dogs are at risk

Another unfortunate distemper victim

A woman brings her dog for euthanasia