Providing a Mobile Dipping Facility for Dogs

We have made a mobile dip that is operating at two local venues. Alternating weekly between Caledonia Butchery and Gardener Chigayo, (a local mill, tuckshop and beer hall) they have included our dip days in their rhythm of life and anything from 50 to 250 dogs are now coming in for fortnightly dipping. This has helped to reduce the incidence of biliary - the tick-borne disease that kills so many dogs - as well as serving to protect them from Bont-leg ticks, innocuous looking little brown ticks with yellow stripy legs that can cause excruciating pain, necrotic sores, paralysis and, in extreme cases, death.

The Triatix used in the dip also conditions the dog's skin and helps to heal mange and other painful skin conditions that are so prevalent out here. Apart from that, these dip days also give us an opportunity to de-worm and monitor the wellbeing of the dogs on a regular basis, deal with minor issues and take the more serious problems into Harare for veterinary attention.

Before dipping, Spot's ear is full of ticks

Setting up the mobile dip at the Chigayo

Before - Rex goes to the vet with biliary

After 6 weeks - Rex, healthy and home again