Spaying & Neutering

Taking hundreds of dogs and scores of cats into Kamfinsa Vet for sterilisation, we have been able to introduce and physically demonstrate the benefits of 'Animal Family Planning' - a concept that has not traditionally been part of African culture in Zimbabwe. However, despite the fact that puppies are often sold for as little as $5 or swapped for chickens, to people with very little, dogs are often considered  a source of status and income and there is still some resistance to the idea.

However, the improvement in the health of the sterilized animals is definitely starting to make an impact on the community and there is now a steadily increasing number of people asking for help - fortunately - because, in the long term, sterilization is really the only solution to the huge population of desperately needy dogs. Sadly, the number of operations we can afford is limited, but we do what we can and always try to persuade the owners to have their animals spayed or neutered, whilst still at the vet undergoing treatment.

Tawanda collects pups & a spay

Dipped & ready for admission

Returning Bolt & Shine after neutering

Dropping Bingo home after his operation