Supplementing the Food of Malnourished Animals

We're confronted daily by severely malnourished dogs and puppies with patchy fur and hugely distended stomachs caused by protein deficiency. As their numbers grow, it's becoming a huge undertaking and this week we've had five batches of needy puppies come in - some orphaned, some with mothers and some others that have just been taken away from their mothers too soon, (often to be sold).

Of course, simply providing food isn't the answer here - education and sterilization are equally important - but to start with, if the owners can't afford it, we de-worm their emaciated dogs and send them home with 5kg dog meal. We use Pronutro for the pups, which we mix with unsweetened milk powder. We are always very grateful to our family and friends, who collect and buy dog food to help out. This is much appreciated because, although the need out there is insatiable, every single tin of dog food or packet of biscuits makes a difference, allowing us to help just one more dog ...

Three skinny little dogs in need of help

This family has 20 dogs

Before - Teddy, rejected by his owners

After 7 weeks of help & support, Teddy relaxing at home