Beautiful Pups!

On the 2 August, we received a desperate plea from Mr K in our rural area…his mother dog had been killed in an RTA, leaving 4 puppies aged a little over 3 weeks old. He was very concerned that he had no idea as to how he would rear these young babes and asked if we could help. We too, in turn asked for help in finding a Foster Mother and are so grateful that we were given Ashleigh Kille’s number. Ashleigh, although going away for a short holiday, readily agreed to foster these poppets and how they thrived with her love and care (and her friend Bobby, whilst she was away) Ashleigh was ably helped by her children Amy and Duncan! They have become the most gorgeous, happy, healthy pups and after four weeks of dedicated fostering, they have all been returned to their owner in the rural area. The babies have settled into their new environment very well and their owner is delighted to welcome them back and is very receptive to our offer of help and input in their welfare. They went home with food, blankets and a huge kennel to accommodate 4 puppies. We will continuously monitor these babies and make sure that they live out their full potential as happy, healthy dogs. We are eternally grateful to Ashleigh for nurturing them so wonderfully, making them the happy, healthy, confident ‘puppy puddings’ they are today!

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    Steve September 1, 2016

    That’s such a lovely story. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing.

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