Busy Ambulance time!

Although we haven’t had any Spay/Clinic days with VAWZ for the last few months, our ambulance has been very busy recently. During the month of October we took 72 dogs into Kamfinsa Veterinary Surgery for various treatments. Apart from the usual cases of Biliary, Distemper and broken bones from RTAs, puppies with Parvo virus etc., Kamfinsa and Vawz have very kindly sterilized 39 dogs, the majority being spays. This has greatly benefitted the community who have been requesting sterilizations since our last Caledonia Spay Day – indeed a coup for our ‘animal family planning’ education, which we promote every opportunity we get!!

Up to mid month November, a further 14 Spays have been performed at Kamfinsa Veterinary Surgery. 29 dogs treated, many of whom were treated for STDs and TVTs and we are so grateful that this is offered and that these dogs have responded so well to the treatment. Unfortunately many of the dogs with severe, long term TVTs are not able to be treated and have to be euthanized. Another very important reason to sterilize!

So, as you will see, the ambulance has been extremely busy!! Every single animal taken into the vet has to be collected from far and wide, within our rural area and places very often only accessed by mere paths and tracks. Then after treatment, these same animals are then ferried home again or if need be, come back for a few days rehab.
Poor Tawanda, very often, no sooner does he return from a trip into the vet, that his phone rings with yet another emergency, another sick or injured animal to take into the vet in town….what would we do without him?!

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