How you can help

If anyone would like to donate anything, to help our project, we would be very grateful.  We are not a registered charity, but are definitely non-profit and can assure you that any donation would be put towards improving the lives of these dear little animals, passing through our hands.


The very hardest part of bringing home dogs for a time of recuperation and rehabilitation, is that we come to love these little creatures!!...and sadly, they begin to love us too....which only makes the inevitable separation when they are ready to be sent home, so, so difficult for us... and them! 
We try to 'soften the blow' by sending them home with a kennel and a blanket, which they have come to enjoy whilst staying with us. Ideally, we would like to include a collar and bowl for food & water, too...all of which cost money!...
please, please would you consider sponsoring one of our babes?

<strong>Just USD30.00 per dog</strong>, would enable us to send each home with:
a kennel
a blanket
a collar
a food & water bowl 
What a difference this would make in their lives.....what a difference you can make!

Below is a notation of the R A C expenses, on a MONTHLY basis. * 

  • Fuel for Ambulance - USD250.00 (Toyota 2,4 Hi Rider diesel)
  • Telephones - USD100.00
  • Stationery - USD50.00 (Paper and Printer ink for posters & leaflets to distribute)
  • Kennels X 10 - USD200.00
  • Blankets X 15 - USD150.00 (Cut in 4, this makes 60 small blankets for sick animals, pups & each dog sterilized)
  • Triatix dog dip X 5 litres - USD75.00 (4 dip days/month, each day requires several changes of water)
  • Prazivet worm pills X 10 boxes - USD100.00
  • Dog Food (Bobtail) - USD150.00 (30 kg adult Bobtail / 7 kg Puppy for all the dogs at each Clinic Day - calculated X2 / month)
  • Dog Food (Far East Dog Meal) - USD25.00 (10 X 5 kg approx. given to supplement malnourished dogs)
  • Dog Food (Ecco Tinned) - USD25.00 (10 X tins dog food used for dogs before euthanizing / dogs taking antibiotics)
  • Veterinary supplies - USD125.00 (Betadine wash, Exit, bandages, antibiotic wound sprays, flea powders etc)
  • Collars - USD50.00 (Every dog sterilized goes home with a collar - calculated on 2 Spay days / month)

* These expenses EXCLUDE monies required to pay VAWZ for Spay Days and VAWZ/Kamfinsa Veterinary Surgery for treatment of sick and injured dogs.


We would be unable to undertake this HUGE task of helping the very needy people in our rural community, by providing basic animal care and access to veterinary treatments, without the generous help of people like you!.

We are extremely grateful for the ongoing, invaluable assistance given to us by VAWZ and Kamfinsa Veterinary Surgery

We are so grateful for anything received... no matter how big or small...
And now, all that remains is for me to thank you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of each and every one of the animals…

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