June – Spider T

Little puppy Spider was brought to Caledonia Clinic day (2 June), trembling and unable to walk properly, so was duly transported by RAC ambulance to Kamfinsa Veterinary Surgery. He was diagnosed as having a Vitamin deficiency and Rickets and was sent back with us for a time of observation and treatment with Multivitamins and a Calcium supplement, which in just a few days, made a huge difference to this little dog. Spider was soon running all over the place and we sent him home on 8 June with a pack of food, a new kennel and a blanket.

Whilst at Spider’s home we found two other dogs who were kept caged in a small confined space and only let out at night. We explained to the owners that not only is this practice, cruel but also illegal. They were quick to acknowledge their mistake and the dogs have been running freely ever since.

Tawanda revisited them on 20 June and was pleased to note that all the dogs, now four, including little Spider, were still running free. The owners have also said that they would like to buy some kennels from us, when money becomes available, which is very encouraging.
Would you be able to sponsor a kennel for their other dogs?

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