June – Tiger M

On 2 June, Tiger was brought to Caledonia Dip Day with a very painful foot and what looked like a botched home-docked tail which had become infected. He was with a new owner, having been thrown out by the previous one, who no longer wanted him and wasn’t prepared to pay to have him fixed. He was taken to Kamfinsa Vet and admitted and his wound treated and stitched. He was discharged on 4 June and came back to us for some TLC and rehabilitation. He is quite a nervous boy and portrays food aggression from his deprived past. He went back to the vet for suture removal on 13 June and was pronounced well enough to go home to his owner.

We’ll continue to monitor Tiger and support his new owner. He has not had an easy life to date and given that he still a bit nervy and unpredictable, we have suggested that he be neutered as soon as possible. We’re also having a kennel made for him.
Would you like to sponsor a kennel, blanket, food and water bowl for Tiger?

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