Please sponsor ($30) one of our little rehab babes?

The very hardest part of bringing home dogs for a time of recuperation and rehabilitation, is that we come to love these little creatures!!…and sadly, they begin to love us too….which only makes the inevitable separation when they are ready to be sent home, so, so difficult for us… and them!
We try to ‘soften the blow’ by sending them home with a kennel and a blanket, which they have come to enjoy whilst staying with us. Ideally, we would like to include a collar and bowl for food & water, too…all of which cost money!…
please, please would you consider sponsoring one of our babes?

Just USD30.00 per dog, would enable us to send each home with:
a kennel
a blanket
a collar
a food & water bowl
What a difference this would make in their lives…..what a difference you can make!


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    Steve July 13, 2016

    Poor little chap. I hope he’s feeling a bit better.

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      Rural Animal Care July 19, 2016

      Thanks eyetooth-art……….he’s feeling much better, but although he has had a kennel kindly donated, he is still with us for the moment – just can’t bear the thought of sending him home just yet……SO, he has to be the rehab companion dog for this week!!

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