Rex Kamsanja’s Story

Ambulance Service | 23 - 29/03 /16 & 02/04/16

Rex Kamsanja was cut from mouth to lower throat

Collected from side of road, late evening | 23/03

Taken to Kamfinsa Vet - Admitted & Treated under anaesthetic | 24/03

Collected from Vet and taken home | 29/03

Taken back to Kam Vet for review & stitch removal | 02/04

Taking Rex into Kamfinsa Vet | 23/03
Dr Ant Donohoe operates on him | 24/03
Newly stitched, we drop him home | 29/03
Sitting comfortably with his best friend
All the children join in for photographs
His family’s house is on the left
He joins Bruce in ‘the ambulance’ | 02/04
Stitches out - what a relief!!
One dear little dog, on his way home…
Where he’s met by a grateful owner
Happy to see his drum, he settles in
Until we can get him a comfy new kennel

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