Spot J’s Story

On 7 June 2016, Tawanda was out doing ‘home checks’ and was told about a little dog living next door to one house. On investigation, he found a small, emaciated little dog, covered in sores on his head and cowering in a ‘kennel’, all on his own! There was nobody present at the homestead, but as this little dog was clearly unwell, Tawanda decided to leave a note, telling them that he was taking their dog to the vet. He was treated at Kamfinsa Veterinary Surgery, had his head cleaned and was given an antibiotic injection and then was discharged into our care for a few days of nursing and rehabilitation.
Just as well, because, apart from the obvious sores on his head, he was covered in ticks which necessitated a bath in Happy Hound Shampoo and a dip in Triatix. Spot became more lethargic and less interested in his food (which at first had been a great source of delight).
On the 9 June, Spot was taken back into the vet and Biliary was confirmed, so he was given another 3 injections to treat this. He has made an improvement already, but continues to stay with us until he is much stronger and less malnourished.
When he has recovered he will go back to his owners, with a kennel and support. Not everyone agrees with this, and some feel he should be taken away from his owners, either for rehoming, if possible, or (more likely) euthanasia.
We, however, believe that rehabilitating and returning a dog to his owners is the only way to prevent the perpetuation of a vicious circle. Rather than being deliberately cruel, owners like Spot’s are guilty of negligence – the result of poverty and sometimes, ignorance. Fortunately, Spot’s owners are happy to be helped, and with us monitoring him, we know we’ll be able to show them a different way…and look forward to updating you on his progress…
If you would like to help Spot in his recovery, please donate.

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