Sterilization Day 13 Sept 2016

Hooray!! We held another very successful Sterilization Day at Caledonia. This was the first such day we’ve been able to have since May…so there was great attendance and many members of the community expressing their gratitude! As always our very grateful thanks go out to VAWZ and Mel with her hard working team of vets, Whisper, Caro, Adrienne and Isaac and ably assisted by Violet. Without the help given to us by VAWZ we would not be able to assist the dogs in our community.
Herewith the stats –
Spays – 17 dogs
Neuters – 10 dogs
Rabies Vaccinations – 227 dogs (and regrettably, we ran out of vaccine and were unable to vaccinate all the dogs there 🙁
5in1 Vaccinations – 27 dogs (only those dogs operated upon unfortunately – lack of funds)
Dips – 218 dogs
Sadly 2 dogs had to be euthanized due to injury and poor condition.
2 dogs were admitted to Kamfinsa Vet and our very grateful thanks to them, through VAWZ, for always treating our rural dogs.
As usual some malnourished dogs were identified for a little take-home supplementary feeding and will be monitored. There were also lots of puppies needing extra nutrition and six badly malnourished puppies have been offered a time of TLC and good feeding in foster homes (thank you Ashleigh)
We were disconcerted to find the owner of the pups (24!) also has 15 dogs! We’re definitely going to work with this man and try to help and educate him on the value of sterilization.
We are so grateful for the help we were given by Katie Hind and Ashleigh Kille who kindly volunteered to assist our RAC team and undaunted, set to all the various tasks at hand.
Heartfelt thanks to all concerned from us and all the little rural dogs we love so much.

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