Stories from our ambulance diary – Snoopy, Spider & Pookie

Snoopy, Spider & Pookie Ramusi (8th Dec 2016 to 11th Jan 2017)
Taken to Kamfinsa Vet on 8/12/16, all the dogs were treated for biliary & came back
to us for rehab the next day. Snoopy couldn’t breathe & was readmitted on the 12th
to have a tumour removed from inside his nose but was put to sleep 4 days later.
Spider had a bladder infection & she & Pookie were re-admitted – Pookie with chronic
biliary. They both spent several weeks in rehab and finally, on 11/01/17, went home
with blankets & food, very different to the miserable, emaciated dogs that came in.

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