Tea amongst the Orchids

On Wednesday 21 Sept we held a very successful fundraiser, “Tea amongst the Orchids”, to raise funds to buy vaccine for our rural dogs. The garden was transformed into a wonderful display of orchids blooms, enough to rival any setting in Thailand, and amongst these, we placed story boards and posters showing the work we do in our rural community. Fortunately, April’s other passion (other than animals!) is orchid growing, so there was no shortage of beautiful plants, especially as, despite her qualms that ‘most of her orchids had gone over’, a few friends from the Orchid Society very kindly brought some of their prized orchids! What a feast for the eyes and food for the soul! Food for the body wasn’t overlooked, as a wonderful spread of cakes was on offer all day, along with tea and coffee.
What a lovely, happy day bringing together wonderful people, kindred spirits brought together by their love of animals and beautiful flowers…we were also so pleased to be able to spread the word as to what we are trying to do to assist our rural community gain veterinary care for their animals.
Thanks to everybody for their generosity and support – we will now be able to buy 5in1 vaccine, providing further protection against Distemper for 80 dogs…….thank you from them and us!

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    Steve September 23, 2016

    That sounds amazing, I wish I could have been there. Keep up the great work.

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