Trixie Antonia’s Story

Brought to Caledonia Clinic on 25 February 2016 - malnourished.

Trixie came home with us for a little extra care and attention.
On 11 March, she presented with HPN (Hypoproteinemia) and fluid build up.

Puppy in a box - Caledonia Clinic 25 Feb
Tawanda and family at home, pup on lap.
Tawanda bathing Trixie (sibling Jenny in background).
An apprehensive Trix in the 'red Racing Snail' aka the ambulance.
At Kamfinsa Vet on 11/03/16

Sunny days playing in the garden with her sister Jenny. We are so sad that Trixie had such a short life but we're grateful that she came to know love and happiness for a little while.

Her sister Jenny has been very happily rehomed.

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