Vaccination Day 02 June 2016

Mel from VAWZ asked us to organize some dogs on Thursday 02 June, because she had a workshop with some people from South Africa, Global Alliance for Rabies Control, and they were very keen to have a practical demonstration with rabies vaccinations, in a rural situation. Needless to say, we were delighted, because we’d phoned earlier and asked if they wanted to carry on doing rabies vaccinations at Caledonia, since we’re still dipping, deworming and treating dogs on a regular basis there, and were told that VAWZ thought we should probably think about limiting our rabies campaigns to twice a year… disappointing, considering the number of dogs we’ve been vaccinating every month…unfortunately comes down to money, or lack thereof, again.

However, we were thrilled to have 73 dogs vaccinated, including 12 puppies, who were brought in for deworming!
According to new GARC research, even very young pups can be vaccinated.

126 dogs were dipped.

6 dogs were taken in to Kamfinsa vet for treatment – our grateful thanks to the hard working veterinary team at Kamfinsa.

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