Wish List

We would be so grateful if you are able to provide any item from the following list :

Your time and help!

  • Bedding - blankets (which we quarter, so that they are more likely to be used for the dogs) & towels (old or new)
  • Dog collars & leads (old or new)
  • Animal food of any description and Pronutro or unsweetened milk powder for puppies.
  • Sturdy drinking bowls are especially important for water (a precious commodity that's not always readily available in the rural areas~)
  • Kennels too, would be great! (old or new)
  • Used vehicle tyres
  • Flea & Tick powder, fly smear
  • Cotton Wool, Gauze, Swabs, Bandages & rolls of kitchen paper towel
  • Betadine wash, Cooper's Ex-It, Methylated Spirits and wound powder or spray.
  • Latex gloves
  • Literature on Basic Animal Care (particularly for children)
  • Fuel for the ambulance
  • Econet Buddy cards

Contact info

If you would like to help in any way or are able to provide anything on our Wish List, please contact us to make arrangements as to how we can collect from you.

April Thompson - Rural Animal Care
Phone: +263 (0)712 448 766
email: atoms@zol.co.zw
Phone: +263 (0)772 233 192
email: ruralanimalcare@gmail.com
Phone: +263 (0)777 119 741