A wonderful new home is found!

Just before Christmas, our attention was brought to 3 dogs that had been abandoned and neglected since their owner had died…the new custodians kindly surrendered them into the care of RAC, as they were not able to provide for them. These 3 dogs, 2 GSDs, a male and a female and a male X Breed were severely malnourished and thin and were kept secured in a small fenced area. Tawanda, (2 IC at RAC!) and various family members went daily to supplement their feeding and most importantly, tried to socialize them as they were very nervous and the female particularly, couldn’t be touched. In no time at all, these sweet dogs responded to TLC, so we set about trying to rehome them – as luck would have it, Trigger and Lucy (Debbie), the 2 GSDs found the VERY best of homes with Gail and her family, furry and otherwise. We couldn’t have wished for a better forever home for these two lovely dogs and are so grateful to Irene for finding Gail as their saviour! How lucky these dogs are… having been penned up before, they now have the freedom and joy to run and swim with their pack and then to relax indoors by the fire, when they’re tired!! Lucky, lucky dogs!!
It’s also a happy ending for Tiger, the male X breed, as he has a new forever home…with us!! He is very different to the skinny, scared dog who came to us, as he too, has responded SO well to love and attention.

Pic – Trigger & Lucy loaded into the cab (of course!!) on their way to their wonderful new home!

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